Friday, April 1, 2011

The Barda-Chacra-2009 $? - If you're familar, is their "lowest" tier, or youngest vines of their 3 pinots. It was highly anticipated by me, but was and is still very very ripe. Acidulated. Smelling of very ripe Straw, Cherry and even Date. Soft and fleshy, almost velvety in the mouth. Lush for a Pinot I expected to be super lean and acidic...
Slutty. Like Etude Heirloom...?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Napa Valley Register Article About Chef Eric C. Maczko - 9/7/10

Wines Tasted - September 9, 2010

Pine Ridge Winery – Crimson Creek – Merlot – 2002 - $27 – (Modern) – Medium garnet-red, fades to a red rim with an auburn meniscus.  Some titrates and sediment visible at bottom of glass.  A nose of medium+ intensity, showcasing a broad framework of spice and dry red fruits: clove, cinnamon bark, graham, bergamot tea and dried flowers abut dried red cherry, dried currants and black plum. 
That spiced cherry quality carries right over to the palate as well, crushed cinnamon bark and red-hots blended with fresh and dried red cherry, vanilla bean pods and dark lush violets.
Acidity was easily a medium+, tannins were hanging on, proof of Cabernet in the blend I’d suspect.  I would feel comfortable cellaring this wine for up to 6 more years without sacrifice.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Napa Valley Register 10 Questions with Chef Eric C. Maczko - August 11, 2010

Did you miss my interview in the Napa Valley Register?

Read it here:

Wines Tasted, August 1, 2010

Cameron - Clos Electrique - Red Wine - Willamette Valley - Oregon - 2007 - $40 - (Classic, Ager, Food Wine, Old World) - All sources tell me its 100% Pinot Noir, though the vineyard grows Nebbiolo and Chard as well in its small 4 acres. So I got a couple of these as I've been very interested in tasting it for years.  Earthy funky aromas of: leather, cola, skunky, wet clay, (red berry, cran, rasp-all clumped together like Dig-Dug Characters hidden under all that Earth).  Maybe its that profound, maybe.  Structure-wise, it's med+ acid, alcohol, & m+ complexity, med in tannin, body, balanced and med+ in finish.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just played prisoner to the 4000 acres of Kenzo Estate on Mt. George in Eastern North Napa. With David Abreau, Heidi Barret, TKRG(Thomas Keller Rest. Grp.) and $100000000.00. It's proof that all of Napa's Grands Crus have yet to be concieved...